3Year Term

  • Paul Smith
  • Jim Barrett

2 Year Term

  • Tracy Broadway
  • Elizabeth Goff
  • Marjorie Holt

1 Year Term

Our Charter Members
Elisabeth Bailey, Marian Hooper Bodiford, Juanita Green, Mary Lynn Harris,

Shirley Hendricks, Dale Herrington,

Barbara Hooper, Mack Hooper,

Irene Horton, Lorene Houk, Bill Houk,

Louise Martin, Edith McClung, Daurice Murphy, Verlene Myers, Sonny Neel, Jo Neel,

Margie Ann Pitts, Betty Todd,
Etoula Watson, and Precious Williams


Dru Dickey

Marjorie Holt

Elizabeth Goff

Margaret Oliver

Jim Barrett
Jan Barrett
Kathy Grigsby
B. J. Pitts 

Zoie Whitton

The Timpson Area Genealogy and Heritage Society (TAGHS) was founded in 1991 and originally met in the Timpson High School Library.   In 2000 TAGHS moved to the Timpson Square and shared a room with the Timpson Chamber of Commerce.  In 2013 TAGHS moved to the new Timpson Public Library where we are currently located.

Timpson Area Genealogical

& Heritage Society


President- Brandy Harding
Vice-President- Jan Barrett

Membership- Dru Dickey
Recording & Corresponding Secretary- B. J. Pitts
Treasurer- Dru Dickey

Librarian- Dru Dickey
Archivist-Brandy Harding

Parliamentarian- Shannon Ramsey
Program Coordinator- Kathy Grigsby
Program Reporter- Tad Bailey

Tap Root Editor- Shannon Ramsey
Volunteer Coordinator- Elizabeth Goff
Social Media & Technology- Brandy Harding